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2015 Company activity

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During 4th July and 5th July, polucy group held an activity aim at enhance our team work and to make all the employees closer to each other, know more about how to communicate.

In the activity, we had a lot projects, like using a drum to play the ping-pang, so in the drum there have several ropes so that each one get one rope and control the balance to control the ping-pang, this is a really good way to see how team work goes, as we need toharmonize all our stregnth to control the ping-pang better to avoid it jumping on the ground.


The last project of this activity is to climb a wall which is 4 meters high.

All the members have to through this wall and without talking, we can't say a word, but by gestures and other eye contact to communicate, and no other tool to use, we use the body to build up the ladder and then climb up, the last one were pulled by the ones who were on the wall.


From this activity we've learnt a lot, and know better about ourselves and our team.

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